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Changing layout of search results, without affecting other pages.

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  • Blauweogen

    Hi, ihor. I have tried to find the solution without bothering you, but, no luck.
    I have changed the layout of the listings and listings category pages to 3 columns with the sidebar full width above it, using a snippet and css (see below). When I filter the listings by attribute, the results show in 3 columns with the sidebar on left. ?s=&_sort=&post_type=hp_listing&_category=315&business_type=325
    If I try to apply css, it also changes the sidebar on the single listing page.
    Is there a way I can change only the sorted view without affecting any other pages?

    .tax-hp_listing_category .hp-page__sidebar {flex-basis:100%; max-width:100%}
    .tax-hp_listing_category .hp-page__content {flex-basis:100%; max-width:100%}
    .listings_view_page .hp-page__sidebar {flex-basis:100%; max-width:100%}
    .listings_view_page .hp-page__content {flex-basis:100%; max-width:100%}
    	function( $template ) {
    		return hivepress()->helper->merge_trees(
    				'blocks' => [
    					'listings' => [
    						'columns' => 3,

    You can prepend custom CSS rules with this class:


    Instead of “.tax-hp_listing_category” and “.listings_view_page”.


    Wow, simple. I knew I was overlooking something. Thanks! Works like a charm. I’ll get the hang of sooner or later. If only I had a brain. 🙂

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