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Changing variable after “Message from:”

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  • nan91


    I would like to ask whether it is possible to change the variable after Message from: <user name>.

    We would love to use the vendors <full name>, instead of <user name>.
    Is it possible to change with any code snippets?

    Thanks for the help!

    ihor developer

    Please let me know if you mean some specific email sent to users or some front-end template/form where this text is displayed?


    Oh sorry for the late response!

    It is shown in the Message plugin if you selected a message from a vendor.

    You can find it in the title. Messages from %s (and it calls the user name not the full or first etc.)

    Thanks for help!

    ihor developer

    Sorry, it’s not possible without editing the code directly, but it should set the user display name – you can change it for all users in HivePress/Settings/Users section.


    Hello ihor.

    I find this treat for my question.
    My need is to change it to a custom user name. I made one custom field called kullanici_adi
    I can change it on the vendor tab but on users not.

    Is it possible to change this via code snippet?

    I tried but had no chance.


    ihor developer

    Unfortunately this would require code customizations because users don’t have custom fields, these are implemented for vendor profiles. By default, you can use any of the available user fields, like %user.username%, %user.display_name%.


    Hi ihor.

    Thanks for your suggestion.
    I made some changes to the message plugin core. It works. I can see now the user name instead of the full name etc.

    I now try to put these files I changed to the my child theme folder with the following folder structure but doesn’t work. May I miss something.


    I got the idea for the folder structure from the following thread:

    and add code to /wp-content/themes/experthive-child/hivepress/user/login/user-login-link.php

    Any clue why it not work?

    Best Regards

    ihor developer

    Please try changing this part:


    to just /hivepress/

    This will work for template files, but unfortunately it’s not possible to override controllers and other components this way, this would require using some API hooks, for example if you want to override some email parameters you can use hivepress/v1/emails/email_name_here hook.


    Hi ihor
    thank you for your information. I’ll give a try on this.

    Best Regards

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