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    I have found a chat that Id like to integrate. It currently is set to use Buddypress. Any suggestions on swapping out the current message system for the chat?

    ihor developer

    Integrating third-party chat into the listing/vendor layouts may require customizations, please consider using the built-in messaging function because using content-heavy plugins like BuddyPress may slow down the site and cause some conflicts (since BuddyPress implements its own user accounts).


    I appreciate your suggestions! Can we do file transfer via the message system? Can we connect to AWS if so?

    ihor developer

    Sure, you can enable message attachments in HivePress/Settings/Messages section. Please try using a plugin like this one to offload media to S3 or other cloud platforms https://wordpress.org/plugins/amazon-s3-and-cloudfront/


    Great! Thanks

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