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Check-in/out dates change (-1 day) when user make a booking

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    I’ve noticed something strange.
    On listing page, if a user select some dates with calendar, for example :
    From 28/06/2021 to 29/06/2021 (I’m writing in European date format)
    Then, user click on “Book now” button.
    On the next page (confirmation page, where user can add an optional message), the dates will change (-1 day):
    From 27/06/2021 to 28/06/2021
    Then, user click on “Confirm booking” button.
    On the final confirmation page, the dates are correct again:
    From 28/06/2021 to 29/06/2021

    Thanks for your help, kind regards

    ihor developer

    Thanks for reporting, this may be something related to the time zones, please let me know if there’s some difference between your browser time zone and the server time zone?


    I’ve checked and it looks like both have the same timezone.
    Very strange issue, do you wanna check it directly on my website if you can’t reproduce this bug?
    (I can send you by mail)
    Thank you!

    ihor developer

    Sure, please send temporary WP access to and I’ll check this. I guess it’s related to time zones because I can’t reproduce this issue on a local WP installation.


    Thank you very much, I just sent you an email. Cheers!

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