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    Hello, this theme is really nice and smooth to use. However, I have a problem with the display of the child category.

    On the homepage, block for parent category showing is brilliant.

    But blocks showing on child category isn’t nice. Child category usually have a lots of options, so its shouldn’t have blocks for every options. ( not so cool)
    I would prefer the blocks for parent category only

    My question: how do i remove the blocks from the child category and display the child category in just text format.
    I would be glad, if i can get a lead on this.


    Thanks! I agree, in some cases (e.g. classified ad sites) there are a lot of child categories, but the categories block layout depends on the theme, and currently there’s a single official theme for HivePress. There’s no simple code snippet for changing the categories block layout, but I plan to release more themes, a separate theme for every use case (e.g. job board, classified ad site, business directory…).

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