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Clickable Buttons on Blocks[primary]

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    How can i create clickable website, phone & email buttons(at blocks[primary]) like in

    This site used ListingHive theme. How can i add it.Pls reply.


    Please check the replies here Owner of this site posted the solution for setting the same display format for attributes, you can do this by setting the attribute display format, for example:

    <a href="%value%"><i class="fas fa-globe"></i> Website</a>


    thanks ihor. this worked.
    now, how can i increase my site speed. My google sitespeed scores are:
    plugins currently used: jetpack+w3 TC and also cloudflare

    hope you give me a solution as its very important.


    It depends on your hosting plan and optimization tools that you use. I recommend using this cache plugin (together with their server if you’re a more advanced user, or a decent managed WP hosting like EasyWP or WPEngine.


    Thanks for reply. My hosting :Hostinger
    OK. Can i use Litespeed cache with w3 TC? or any one of them only?
    Also i request to provide more support to decrease page load time on next updates( if posssible)


    I suggest using only one caching plugin. If there are performance issues you can consider switching your hosting provider, HivePress should work pretty fast for up to 10,000 listings. I’ll optimize it with each update.

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