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code to remove sidebar does’nt work

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  • ihor developer

    1, 2. Sorry for the inconvenience, but this requires CSS customizations – while I’m happy to help if there’s a simple snippet, customization is not part of support, please consider hiring someone if the layout/styling customizations beyond the theme options are required

    The green dash and the empty block footer can be hidden with this snippet:

    .hp-vendor--view-block .hp-vendor__footer {display:none}

    3. Please try editing these options, each option has an “Order” field where you can set the priority, e.g. 1,2,3 so there will be a custom order instead of the default one (alphabetic).


    I understand, no problem. I will find someone on Fiver 🙂 And thx for the snippet it works well.

    Just need to know how to center the text (address) in the sidebar listing page:

    and how to hide the page title in some pages? For example in this page it would be “A propos”

    Thank you !


    ihor developer

    1. If possible send a link to this page and I’ll check it (you can send it privately via email

    2. This snippet should hide it:

    .header-hero--title {display:none}


    It works well, thank you!
    By any chance, do you know a good (not too expensive) developper that works with your plugin on Fiverr? Cause it’s not easy to find.

    Thank you!

    ihor developer

    Sorry, can’t recommend a developer (we hope to start offering customization services soon), but any developer with WordPress experience should be able to customize ExpertHive, it follows the WP coding standards. The developer can also register on this forum if some general guidance is required.


    It’s ok I found a good one 🙂 All is good! Thx again.

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