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Complete Listing

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  • priscilla

    I’m not seeing the complete listing button during testing, orders are in progress. Link to access WP has been sent to support email.

    ihor developer

    Please make sure that manual order completion is not disabled in HivePress/Settings/Orders section, and that you’re checking the order pages via the buyer account (only buyers can mark orders as completed).

    ihor developer

    I’ve just checked your site and it seems that the Marketplace extension is not installed, it’s required for the marketplace-specific functionality (like commissions, payouts, managing orders via the front-end, etc). Please let me know if I’m missing something.


    Thanks, I went ahead and installed that extension. After checking out, how does the buyer create a listing?

    ihor developer

    If possible send more details about this issue. With the Marketplace extension, sellers create listings, while buyers can purchase them (buyers can’t create listings, they can create orders by purchasing listings). If possible describe the required workflow and I’ll suggest a solution.


    It’s a paid directory. Can I charge user to create their own business listing?

    ihor developer

    Please describe the required functionality in detail and I’ll be able to suggest some solution. If you mean charging users for adding listings then you can try the Paid Listings extension, then you can sell different listing packages with different expiration periods, featured status, etc. Please check the docs to get started

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