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Confirmation of successfully completed service

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  • DDV

    Hi, Ihor. How to automatically redirect to write a review for the completed service after the user confirms the completed transaction?

    Unfortunately, the rating system is not as vendor friendly, as the user is not automatically directed to a review after the service is rendered.

    Thanks for your hard work, guys.

    ihor developer

    Unfortunately there’s no simple code snippet for implementing this, but we plan to add this feature. You can post a feature request on our new community forum


    Thx. I do it.
    I described the problems with the announcement in the posts below, it’s critical enough for me. To check, I downloaded the theme ListingHive installed the Woocommerce plugin and Hivepress plugins.

    Paid for the ads with and without ads put up the term packages for 1 day. Also added a product with separate ads for 1 day.

    As a result, both ads and ads are in place after the expiration date.

    ihor developer

    This issue may be caused by server-side caching or other caching solutions, you can try testing this with a different host. We’ll also check this before releasing the next HivePress version, but it seems to be ok when tested on a fresh WP installation (via Local), the listing I added yesterday expired. Please also note that WordPress requires visiting the website front-end at least once for its recurring jobs to run.


    Thank you. I realized the main problem, I didn’t even expect it. In .htaccess I put a block on all Ip, and it did not allow to run repetitive tasks for execution.

    Removed it and installed WP Maintenance – and it too got in the way of running repetitive jobs for execution.

    I have the robot.txt set up. How can I close the site and keep it from running repetitive jobs to run?

    ihor developer

    Thanks for sharing the solution. I can’t say for sure if WordPress runs cron jobs if the site front-end is blocked, please check if there’s a solution for this in WordPress docs.


    Ок, thx. Ihor. I have a question about vendor attributes. How can I make an attribute so that after clicking on it the vendor would have to fill in additional fields: For example. checkbox Organization – by clicking on it, the vendor would have to fill in the name, site and mail of the organization?

    I also tried to change the name, to the name of the organization, but in the interface of the profile is still the name that was at registration. How can I change the profile name to the organization name, but only for one seller (if he represents an organization) and not for all? Or maybe there is another solution to this idea?


    Ihor, and yet back to the problem of expiring ads. It is not possible to solve it. Noticed that when deactivating and activating Hivepress, all expired ads go into the archive as they should. No other way, everything stays in place after the expiration date.

    I need help, I’m not so deep into the plugin and it’s hard for me to figure out what the cause is. The error with loop requests no longer occurs, but the ads are not disappearing.

    I tried a snippet,

    add_filter( 'cron_schedules', function ( $schedules ) {
       $schedules['per_minute'] = array(
           'interval' => 60,
           'display' => __( 'One Minute' )
       return $schedules;
    } );

    but it doesn’t solve anything.


    Installed WP Cron. I create an ad, then go into it and set a date that would be overdue. I check, the ad is shown next. I find the process (event) hivepress/v1/events/hourly – and reduce the startup time to 1 min to check faster. After running the event, the announcement disappears into the archive.

    It works, the process hivepress/v1/events/hourly runs every hour.

    There’s a thought that after I fixed the loop query issues I was checking for overdue announcements too quickly, as soon as the overdue date came, I would check and the announcement was in place because the hivepress/v1/events/hourly process runs 1 time per hour and the time report runs from when the overdue occurred. It turns out you had to wait an hour for the ad to disappear. Do I understand it correctly?

    Translated with (free version)

    ihor developer

    1. Unfortunately there’s no such feature yet, if you mean dependant attributes. The easiest way would be to add a new Name (Company) attribute and select it to sync with the vendor name in HivePress/Settings/Vendors/Display. This is a workaround that would allow users to set the name or the company name.
    2. Yes, this event runs every hour, if you set a past date it may take up to 1 hour for the listing to be expired (get a Draft status). Please let me know if this issue is resolved.


    Hi, Ihor. Right, i mean dependant attributes.

    1. Thanks for the workaround. The setup works as it should, if the user enters the company name, it is displayed instead of the name. If the company name field is blank, the Name is displayed, great. It would be nice if it was a linked attribute, by checkbox, put a check mark on the Company attribute and the Enter Company Name attribute opens. The rest of the mechanism should be left as is.

    2. Yes, this issue is resolved. I hope;) WP Cron is Activated. I don’t know yet if the success of the HivePress plugin depends on it. In active WP cron – every 60 sec ActionScheduler_QueueRunner->run() is running – it seems to me that it now depends on it whether the following actions will work:

    Today I will check the timer without WP cron. And I will report here.

    3.Ihor, I had a question immediately, can you help with a snippet that would add a function to check for changes in the seller’s profile. For example, we checked the registered seller and everything is fine, but he made changes in his profile, any kind (changed name, company name, documents changed, etc.). After that his profile has to go to moderation, so that would be visible changes, but before moderation changes should not be visible. Or the profile becomes blocked until approved by the moderator. I would be interested in any available way, if there is a php snippet would be grateful for it. Thanks for your hard work.

    ihor developer

    Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet for this, but if you have a developer or you’re familiar with PHP customizations please try using the hivepress/v1/models/vendor/update action, this way you can check if any of the vendor details are changed on every update


    Thx, Ihor. I’ll think about it. I’m interested in your opinion, is it better to modify the site with Code Snippet php, css , js or create a child theme?

    2. Without WP-cron everything works properly. The only thing is that apparently without the plugin, the site depends on attendance otherwise the function might not work.

    ihor developer

    I recommend using the Code Snippets (but creating a database backup since in this case snippets are stored in the DB, not the website files), but if some layout changes are required (e.g. overriding template parts) then creating a child theme is a better option.
    Yes, the built-in WP events depend on website visits, but if someone visits the website at least once a day all the past due events should be executed.


    Thank you so much, it’s appreciated.

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