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Connect the package to some Attribute

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  • unitehearts

    is it possible to connect the Package to some attribute – say language or age etc –
    Suppose we have different Free Packages for those in a certain Age Group – or from a language
    Is this possible to do ?

    Some conditional logic – that if the person posting chooses that Attribute Value – option – automatically the package will be selected for him.


    This is not possible at the moment, packages can be specific to listing categories only. In this way, you can set different prices for submitting listings to different categories.


    Is there a way by which we can have Categories as a Select drop down box in the Add Listing Form – so Categories can be selected in the form – without the need to click pictures and select categories first.


    Not possible yet, this would require live reloading of the form because there may be category-specific attributes, that’s why category selection is a separate step.

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