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    How do you created a content title on a webpage with blocks?


    It is to help improve seo

    ihor developer

    HivePress and ListingHive already add H1 tags to every listing page, if you mean meta titles you can set these with SEO plugins like Rank Math or Yoast.


    Rank Maths is saying I need

    Use Table of Content to break-down your text

    I can not find that on the website what would it come under?

    ihor developer

    The table of contents is recommended, but not required, Rank Math makes these suggestions for blog posts, not items like listings or products. The listing page already has its own H1 tag and no changes are required.


    If there no button to create a table of contents on my other pages?

    ihor developer

    Please check if Rank Math suggests some solution, if not you can try using any popular one, for example https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-table-of-contents/

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