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Control Over “Add Listing Details”

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  • tonyjhughes

    Hi Ihor,
    Is there anyway to do the following on the add listing details page:

    1. Re-order the attribute input fileds in the ‘add details’ form
    USE CASE: I have an attribute for each day of the week for opening/closing times. These are currently showing in a random order, even though I have set the ‘Order’ post attribute correctly.

    2. Extend the input types to include “time”
    USE CASE: Same as above, ideally would like to have two inputs (for opening & closing time) which then concatenate into one field for ‘Monday’. Not sure if this is a feature request currently in your roadmap.



    1. Fields should follow the order you set, please make sure that this front-end form is not cached and that these fields have different order numbers set.

    2. I plan to add the time field, but there’s no ETA yet. I also planned to add an “opening hours” attribute type or add it as a separate extension.


    The opening hours feature is now available as an extension

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