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Counting Interactions?

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  • justinbryeans

    Hello, I’ve been thinking of how to capture the number of interactions. Thoughts on something simple associated with how many times the “reply to listing” button is clicked?

    ihor developer

    Yes, you can override some template part or attribute and set conversion tracking code for it, for example using Google Analytics.


    Would you be able to share more about how to do it? At this point something that simply looks at the button click I mention would work.

    ihor developer

    This requires customizations, you can override this template part (by placing it within the “hivepress” folder in the child theme, preserving the same folder hierarchy), and customize it to add “onclick” attribute for tracking Google Analytics event https://github.com/hivepress/hivepress-messages/blob/master/templates/listing/view/page/message-send-link.php This is the “Reply to Listing” button.

    Here’s a sample code for “onclick” https://stackoverflow.com/questions/21147487/tracking-link-clicks-with-google-analytics

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