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Countries and states don’t return results

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    I managed to successfully import listing locations using latitude and longitude. The locations show up when looking for the exact term or anywhere within the radius, which is great.
    However, when I look for countries or states that cover those areas (e.g. CA/California for listings in LA and SF, UK for listings in London) those same listings don’t show up.
    Is there anything I can do about it? Counties do work, it’s just bigger regional areas like states and countries.


    There’s a known issue with the Geolocation extension, it searches listings within a radius from the entered location, so if you enter just the state it searches listings within a radius from the center of this state, so the location should be exact (it works ok for cities, but not for countries). I plan to implement an area-wide search though.


    Ok, thank you so much for letting me know. I thought I was implementing something incorrectly.
    Glad to know it’s a known issue and there might be a solution coming up. Any idea when this would come out or is it more of a long term plan?


    There’s no ETA, but I’m working on HivePress full-time so this should be fixed pretty soon.


    Gostaria de ter listado os estados e cidades do Brasil. Existe previsão de implementar a opção de inclusão disso


    Poderia ser personalizável


    There’s no such feature at the moment, but it’s planned for implementation. The current version of Geolocation extension works well for cities (since it’s based on radius search) and any precise addresses, but it doesn’t for countries and states.

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