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  • Bryn

    Hi there

    How do you make the cover image on the screen go full width so there isn’t any white space on the sides?




    If you mean the cover block (one of the built-in Gutenberg blocks) there’s no such option, because in ListingHive the content area has a fixed width, this would require code customizations.


    Would you be able to provide some code to customize it?

    Pau N

    Hi Bryn,

    i found this code to do it, worked great, you have to add it to functions.php
    add_theme_support( ‘align-wide’ );

    Pau N

    Sorry, no, it didn’t worked, just in the draft. 🙁


    Sorry, I can’t help with customizations, but I added this feature to the backlog and will add support for full-width covers to the next ListingHive version.


    @Pau_N Thanks for posting the solution!


    @Pau N thank you so much

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