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CSS code to change colour of mobile menu icon to white

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    I have used a CSS editor plugin to set my header background from white to black. This obviously makes any menu text in the header invisible until I use CSS again to change it to white text.

    Everything looks fine on desktop, but, on mobile, the menu icon isn’t there because the header background is now black and the mobile menu button is now invisible.

    Does anyone know the CSS to turn the mobile menu icon to be white?

    Many thanks.


    Hello @ianantwalks
    How about this one?
    .fa-bars:before {color:white;}


    I found another one somehow displaying differently on Safari.


    Thanks @natsu

    You can also try using this one:

    .header-navbar .hp-icon {color:#fff}


    Thank you @ihor and @natsu.

    I actually had to use both of your pieces of code to achieve what I wanted.

    This can be closed now.



    Thank you @ihor and You’re welcome @ianantwalks

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