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    Can I upload a business listing in a .csv file???


    Sure, HivePress implements listings as custom post type (hp_listing), so you can try using any advanced WordPress import plugin (e.g. WP All Import) for mapping CSV columns to listing attributes.


    Thanks for your answer! That will help me a lot.



    So I have attempted the method you suggest here but it doesn’t show any of the attributes as custom post types (at lease it won’t import any) and none of the new attributes that I have added are showing up in the prepopalated list that WP all import generates. What is the logic behind the naming conventions for the attributes? What am I missing here?


    Attributes (and their settings) are stored as custom posts of “hp_listing_attribute” type, you can export/import them via the default WordPress Importer.

    If you mean attribute values, it depends on the attribute type, if it’s selectable attribute (select, radio buttons, checkboxes…) then values are stored as taxonomy terms of “hp_listing_*attribute slug*” taxonomy, other attributes are stored as listing meta with “hp_*attribute slug*” key. For example, if there’s a “price” attribute then it’s stored as post meta with “hp_price” key in wp_postmeta table.


    Ok but the listing data I’m trying to import is stored on a google sheet. I’m a novice developer and this adds a level of complexity I’m not sure how to tackle. I’m not sure I can import all the data points into a listing. When I’ve done this in the past, I’ve used something like ACF to create the custom fields and then imported those into a custom post type. I guess I was trying to apply the same logic here. Could u point me in the right direction of how to even start attempting this. I thought this would be a good tool as a simple back office listing/inventory directory for a real estate company. Internal tool.


    HivePress works in a similar way, ACF also stores field values as post meta. Please try mapping the imported values to custom post type meta (listings have “hp_listing” type). For example, if you added a “price” attribute then it’s stored as custom post type meta (for “hp_listing” posts) with “hp_price” key.

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