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Custom Reply-to Form

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  • ideate-za

    Hi Shooenook,

    Just a Feature Request for a Custom Reply-to Form in Single Ad View Sidebar.

    Perhaps something similar to your Custom Fields sections in Create Ad page, except with radio buttons to select for quick-replies, number/date selector/text fields or so. This could also allow for editing how this form is laid out?

    ihor developer

    Thanks, I’ll consider adding option for email messages instead of on-site messages. You can check how forms are set in hivepress/includes/settings.php file, if you define a form in the same way and then use this code:

    <?php echo hivepress()->form->render_form('form_name_here'); ?>

    For will be rendered and you’ll be able to receive its data via a custom function. Please consider waiting for the next version because this API may change – I got some feedback and currently rebuilding HivePress.


    Hi Shooenook. Will try this out, am just trying to edit the reply-to form and then allowing that entered data to also display in the email being sent, this could also open way for ReCaptcha or adding an anti-spam field. Would also be useful if the user could send themself a copy of their email/request form.

    Thanks, & noted

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