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    I’m trying to build a game’s list for a niche genre, and HivePress’ plugin seems like the perfect way to do it, but I need a little help to make it fit my site.

    First, is there an easy way to adapt another theme to properly work with HivePress’s lists? Are there instructions on how to do it?
    I’ve been using Customizr, but the listing display is horrible, so if there’s a way to adapt it, I’d like to try.

    Second, which theme files do I have to mess with to tweak the current layouts? There are some elements I’d like to switch around, and some others I’d like to make disappear 😀

    Thanks in advance.


    Darn, forgot one question and can’t edit the previous post.
    How can I change the font color for all the header menu?
    I tried using .header-navbar, .header-navbar__burger, .header-navbar__menu {color:orange;} on the additional CSS, but some menu elements refuse to change color (the down arrow that shows when a menu item has sub items, the account icon and the mobile hamburger menu).



    If it’s not a requirement to use another theme I suggest using ListingHive, because it has basic styles for all HivePress layouts, and minimalist (and responsive) design that can be easily customized with CSS snippets. HivePress works with other themes too (for example Storefront theme), but there’re no specific styles (only layout styles), you would have to add your own.

    If you create a “hivepress” folder inside the theme folder you can override the template parts by copying them from the plugin templates folder Hiding some parts is easier with CSS snippets, switching parts requires PHP snippets because HivePress layouts are built as a block tree, so any new part can be added or parts can be switched without breaking existing layouts. I can post a sample snippet if you let me know what parts you want to switch.

    Please try using the web inspector for CSS snippets, for example if you press CTRL+Shift+I in Chrome and select the mobile menu icon, you can check that it’s color is set using this CSS rule:

    .header-navbar__burger > a { color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.15); }

    So you can just copy it and override styles.


    Thank you very much for the thorough explanation!
    The main issue is the lack of “visual” customization of Listing Hive, through the customizer. I had to delve through the code to figure out how to change the header and menu colors. However, now that you mention Chrome’s functions, I guess it’ll become easier.
    Another thing I’ll miss is built in functionalities I had with my previous themes, like the sticky header and dynamic sidebars, but then again, maybe I can pull it off some other way.

    Anyway, thanks again. I’ll play with it a bit more and come back to yell for help if it’s the case 😀


    Yes, currently only there’re a few color and font options, but I plan to integrate HivePress layouts with the WordPress block editor so it will be possible to edit layouts directly, without code snippets. At the moment if you’re familiar with PHP/CSS basics it’s possible to customize basically anything via HivePress API.

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