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    Hello! I would like the user registration page to have information fields such as phone, state, city, among a few more attributes for all users (including those who register just interact with the listing) and unify this information with the HivePress attributes and standard page of WordPress users. In this way, third-party plugins such as the marketing plugin (E-goi) would be able to view information about HivePress attributes (mainly seller attributes) and synchronize with your database.

    It’s possible?


    I plan to implement this (user and vendor attributes with an option to require attributes on registration), but this will not resolve the data sync issue, all plugins are implemented in a different way (e.g. HivePress stores data in fields with “hp_” prefix), so third-party plugins may require integration anyway.


    I would like that when registering all users had to fill in username, e-mail, phone, state, city, checkbox called “interest”, in addition to the create password field.

    And that this information is saved in the attributes of HivePress (seller page, if you create a listing) and in the standard page of registered users of wordpress, because in this way, third party plugins would be able to view this information through the standard page of wordpress users. That would be the integration and synchronization I mean.

    My goal is to have the data and preferences of all users registered on my site, especially those who do not create a listing, in addition, this would help me feed the marketing platform without having to fill in the data one by one.

    If possible, please, is there a plugin or code snippet to help implement this?


    It’s not possible to customize the registration form in the current version (it’s still possible via the code snippets), but I plan to add a separate vendor registration form that will contain the required vendor attributes (they are already added to the account settings form).

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