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days to complete service

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  • happyman70

    when you list the service it allows you to put how long it would take to do the service. but, 1) it does not show when you go to the service at the front end. So, when a customer wants to order the service it does not tell them how long it will take.

    Also, 2) when you have three tiers set up, it does not allow you to set up a time scale for each tier.

    can you tell me how to solve this. at the moment people dont know how long it will take for each service to be done. tier one could just take a day, while tier 2 could be more complex and take three days.

    what i would like is like on this fiverr page

    you will see that the different tiers has different days. is there anyway this can be done

    ihor developer

    1. This is just a custom attribute, please try customizing it in Listings/Attributes section. If it doesn’t appear on the listing page please make sure that it’s assigned to some display areas (e.g. “Page (Secondary)”).
    2. Please consider adding this to the tier description, there are no per-tier attributes but since attributes are used for indication only the tier description may be ok, e.g. “Premium – Extra-fast delivery (1 day)”.
    If you mean restricting the order time automatically there’s no such feature yet, but sellers can indicate the guaranteed time via attributes or tier descriptions. Hope this helps.


    so you are saying, if the vendor is selling three services, there is no way to have tier one for 24 hour delivery, tier 2 for 2 day delivery, and tier 3 for 3 day delivery. this is not what the theme promises when you advertise it. it is supposed to similar to fiverr and other selling platforms, but it just seems like a shop and people dont have a clue what timescale peope are working with.

    so, please explain, would you buy a serice if you did not know when they are going to deliver and you do not know if the order is late or not. is there going to be any improvements with the theme because at the moment it is not impressive.

    ihor developer

    It’s possible, you can enable pricing tiers in HivePress/Settings/Listings/Selling section, then vendors can set multiple tiers per listing with a custom description, for example if the service is writing an article the tier can look like “Premium – 2000 words, 2-day delivery”.
    We don’t advertise non-existing features and the theme demo is available for testing. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the theme, if you’re not happy with it please send the order ID to

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