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    Good afternoon, how could I remove the image that appears by default when a seller does not put an image?


    You can try overriding the listing image template part and removing the placeholder image


    i will try it


    Sorry but I had left the page a bit and in the end I could not implement the image deletion that I had talked about in this post
    Forgive my ignorance, but where do I have to add the code?


    You can override this template part by placing it within the “hivepress” subfolder of the child theme, check this topic for example


    As I say in the other post I have created


    within the child theme
    But it still doesn’t work

    I think there was a syntax error at the end of the code, but even removing it doesn’t work

    <?php endif; ?>




    I have also tried to put it here as it says in github but nothing


    I’m sorry, but customizations are not part of the free support that I offer for HivePress. You can replace the listing image part by copying it to the child theme’s “hivepress” subfolder (preserving the folder structure), then it’ll override the HivePress template part. Once you override it you can customize it (e.g. by removing the placeholder image from it). Please consider hiring someone via Fiverr or UpWork if you need customizations.

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