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  • zerodesign

    I followed the instruction to import the demo data. But I have problem as blow.

    1. there is no request menu on the top as your live demo
    2. new user registered, before listing a sevice, it can’t see service menu in account details
    3. new user registered, before post a request, it can’t see request menu item in account details
    4. there is no message menu item in account details.
    5. can I remove or modify the items when the freelancer fill his own information to upload license?
    6. Can I remove the revision times when the freelancer list a service?


    7. Can I have a list to list all freelancer with breif introduction?

    ihor developer

    1. Sorry, we added this feature to the demo site but haven’t updated the XML import file yet. Please add a new page and set it as the Requests page in HivePress/Settings/Requests/Display section, it’ll list all requests. You can also add it to the main menu in Appearance/Menus section.
    2, 3. If you mean the My Account page, if there are no listings to show the Listings menu item doesn’t appear, it appears if there’s at least 1 submitted listing. It’s the same for requests, empty pages are not available in the account menu.
    4. Once a message is sent or received (if there’s at least 1 conversation started) this menu item should appear.
    5, 6. Sure, please try editing the listing or vendor attributes in Listings/Attributes and Vendors/Attributes, you can add or remove custom fields this way.
    7. Yes, please try creating a new page and set it as the Vendors page (the process is the same as for the Requests page).
    Hope this helps.

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