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Different values

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  • Pau N

    Hi, i’m creating a job board type of directory, the listings are people looking for a certain job (their profile). The users people that are looking for the service of these people.
    These services of the people in the listing have different values (by hour, day, week and month). I made different (not obligatory) attributes (value per hour, per day, etc), and i have put all the atributes in the search options as value range. The problem is that when someone wants to choose let’s say a range of value per day, it doesn’t filter just that value and shows all the values in all order.

    I was wondering if there is a better way of having different values? maybe i’m configuring it wrong? or is just better to put only one value.

    ihor developer

    If you mean merging a few range values into one filter with a switch there’s no such option at the moment, you can make the most popular value searchable (e.g. price per hour) and display other values on the listing page, so users will be able to search and sort by some common value and then see other options.

    Pau N


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