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    Hi, thank you for the plugin! Playing with it for a few days, great job, gave it a 5 star.

    Is it possible to have Directory and Classified with single installation? I’ve tried Business Directory as Vendors who can post their products, offers and adds. Also I’ve tried to create two packages and assign different categories. What is the right way to go about?

    The two packages didn’t work for me. When trying to add a listing, it skipped to the categories. Also, there may be essential differences between Directory and Classified, like listing expiration, etc.



    Thanks for your review!

    It’s possible, if you mean using listings as ads and vendors as businesses, but there’re some features that are not available for vendors yet, for example paid listings extension restricts listings only. It’s possible to set listing expiration, make some listings featured etc.

    Selecting the category is the first step, packages should appear after you fill listing details. Please follow these screencasts step by step to add packages


    Thank you Ihor!

    Vendor — Listings relationship should work for me. I don’t plan a paid directory, and I think I could use Vendor attributes for url, email, phone …. What would be nice is Vendor Categories to use Vendors as Businesses.

    Yes, I watched the video, but couldn’t make it the same way. I’ll try to reset all the data, because I played with other plugins, could be my mess.

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