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Display availability calendar in listing details page?

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    Congratulation for your brand new booking extension!
    I’m checking it until yesterday, it works good 😉

    I’m not sure if option is missing or if I wasn’t able to locate it, but I would like to simply display the availability calendar in the listing details page’s (in sidebar for example, or above the description).
    Then visitors can check quickly which dates are available or not.
    Or maybe the best would be to show listing’s availability directly into the ‘book now’ calendar form? (red color on booked days for example)

    Thanks for your help!
    Kind regards

    ihor developer


    The availability calendar appears if the Dates field is clicked, the unavailable dates are greyed-out and not clickable. If you mean displaying the calendar by default (e.g. a few months in a grid) there’s no such feature yet, but thanks for your suggestion – we’ll consider adding it.

    Please let me know if you notice any issues or some essential features are missing, this is just the initial Bookings version and it’s in the active development stage.


    Okay now I’m sure I have a css issue with the calendar on my website (surely related to my other topic posted about that ), I didn’t see the disabled dates in the calendar because there wasn’t any style for that (in my case).
    I’ve manually added some simple css rule, and now I can see disabled dates in the calendar.
    Yea, I think an option to display a few months in a grid, directly under the listing description section would be very useful for UX.
    Another useful feature would be multiple time slots configurable per day for example.
    And also the ability to add some booking options (free or with extra cost by unit basis : checkbox – list – radio / or quantity basis : number) for example.
    Just some ideas… 😉

    ihor developer

    Thanks for your feedback, both features are on the roadmap (time slots and pricing add-ons).

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