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Display Name is not updating automatically

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  • rsantiago

    I have found this issue.
    When you change the Display Name option in HivePress settings, is not updating in listing page nor vendor page, unless the “Save Changes” button is pressed in user settings.
    I thought it was something related to the browser cache, but I cleared all the browsing data, and even checked it incognito mode.

    The following video better explains the problem:


    PS: I don’t know if this was reporter before, if so, sorry for the duplicity 😅


    Now that you mention it, this is happening. I had noticed it a while ago, but as my project has not yet been put into production, I changed it to show the full name for the client’s guidance so I didn’t even care. But now testing this problem actually happens. 🙁


    It certainly is not a big problem; the system can continue working, taking into account that it is only a bug in the front-end.


    Certainly @rsantiago. It’s just a small bug on the front. It is just an adaptation for this incredible work of @ihor in providing an incredible and multipurpose tool for free. I’m using HivePress to create a sports sponsorship platform that is looking great! It will go into production soon. I recommend purchasing the paid plugins that @ihor offers. The marketplace I acquired to make sponsorship payments for athletes on the platform. It was as if @ihor had created a plugin just for my project, such was the adaptation. It is worth checking.


    Completely agree with you @rafaelvie. In my case, the plugin has also adapted very well to my project too 👍


    Thanks for reporting this issue, but it’s supposed to work this way – this setting doesn’t change the display name of all existing users, it defines what details are used as display name when these details are set or changed. Please set it initially so all new users and vendors will have the correct display name.

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