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Display Nick, showing currently online status, info about new messages.

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    Hi, I have some questions
    1. is it possible to display the Nick under “Name and surname”
    2. How to set to show the status of the user if he is currently online.
    3. Is it possible to show new messages as in a picture?

    Thanks in advance for your answer


    Yeah, notification for new messages are very important! A lot of people don’t check their email inbox every day!

    There could still be a favorite heart icon in the header. I keep saying this plugin has great potential, but its creators are blind when it comes to UX. (user experience) UX / UI is very important in modern applications today.

    ihor developer


    1. It’s possible, but requires customizations.

    2, 3. These features are on the roadmap, they will be implemented as soon as possible.

    ihor developer

    @inzerat Please remember that the HivePress itself is free, and we are a small team working on it 24/7, without weekends. What you can do to boost the development – buy some premium theme or extension, or donate any amount via PayPal. Also, any feature suggestions and bug reports are highly appreciated, but this:
    its creators are blind when it comes to UX
    Highly discourages us to work on new features and release them to the community for free. So please keep it civil and choose one of the options above to help.


    @ihor I wanted to send money a long time ago, I’m just waiting for the bank to send me a card for payments abroad. First of all.

    And second, you don’t have to be offended. I used the word blind because I took the job a few times and suggested an improvement with the screenshot, and I just received a brief answer like, “It requires editing.” “It’s not planned.” etc.

    I don’t mean it wrong. It’s a great plugin. And I wish you much success.

    ihor developer

    @inzerat Thanks. Any contribution is appreciated (not only donations), for example if you translated WordPress to Czech you can submit your translation (please make sure that it’s as common as possible, so it’s suitable for different listing use-cases) You can do the same for any of the free extension like Messages or Favorites. Volunteers already translated HivePress into 13 languages – this is the power of free software.

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