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doctor directory with appointment and online consultation services

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    can you explain step by step how to configure this website?

    I want to make a website which gives me 2 main services:

    1- online consultation services, where the patient can gain access to upload all his related documents, write his relevant history, and have a conversation with the doctor (chat, audio or video).

    2- appointment scheduling: making appointments in different locations. eg: clinic 1, clinic 2, hospital…
    Different services are named and described, including real clinic visits or online consultations.

    Each doctor will have a profile in which he writes his bibliography, uploads pictures of himself or his clinics, clinic(s) location(s), links to his social media, announces offers and discounts then edits his preferences regarding online availability and pricing, finally he edits his services and available time schedule with the possibility of online payments.

    The doctor will be given a link, which he forwards to his patients (clients) to gain access to his page and services.


    1. You can try using the Marketplace + Messages extensions for this purpose, but there’s no way to attach files at the moment. Users will be able to contact the doctor after paying a fixed price for a service.

    2. There’s no such feature at the moment, this would require integration with some third-party appointment booking solution.

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