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    Hello! I am searching for a plugin that will allow us to post ads.
    Actually, that will allow people to sign up and post their products.

    Can you please tell me, can i do that with hivepress and does it work with Elementor Pro?




    Sure, you can create a site where anyonce can list a product. You can check how it works on the live demo

    If you mean using HivePress blocks, such as recent listings, listing search form etc. there should be no conflicts with Elementor since HivePress has a shortcode for each block, and Elementor supports shortcodes.


    ihor, where can i find these shortcodes of the blocks to insert in Elementor? Thank you!


    There’s no list in the docs yet, but shortcode names are basically block names in lowercase:


    Thank you very much for the best answer! Was it just these? I’m doing a fully customized theme in elementor. A new layout and I will insert the hivepress shortcodes to include in the layout. In the case of my page, marketplace dashboard and other functions, what other shortcodes could be inserted? Thanks again!


    Another thing I was forgetting, how to place the search on the home page, where you have the keywords, like a shortcode in elementor? What would be his shortcode? Thank you!


    Yes, currently there’re 6 blocks (shortcodes) in HivePress, some extensions may also add their own, like HivePress Reviews adds the [hivepress_reviews] shortcode (in case if you want to display reviews on the front page).

    Account pages (including the dashboard page) are generated automatically and have static URLs (they’re not like regular WordPress pages) and can’t be edited with page builders at the moment.

    Please try adding the [hivepress_listing_search_form] shortcode, it should display the same search form as on the demo site.

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