Dokan and magento not supported

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    Hi Ihor,
    I have installed Dokan and Magento Plugin, but the changes are not appearing on the website.
    Also I want to buy your marketplace extension, but that has no option for a cart.



    HivePress is not integrated with Dokan or Magento. As far as I know, Dokan is a multivendor plugin based on WooCommerce, and Magento is a completely different CMS than WordPress (developed for online shops only).

    If you use HivePress I recommend using the official Marketplace extension only if you sell virtual products (like services or digital downloads), this is the most lightweight solution.


    How can i integrate it ? If not, how do i add the cart option to the HivePress marketplace extension ?


    It’s not possible unfortunately, because Dokan duplicates a lot of HivePress features, if you use it together with HivePress there will be a lot of duplicated pages (e.g. profile settings, vendor dashboard, vendor listings…). Cart is not available in the Marketplace extension yet, it implements simple “Buy Now” functionality.


    Yes, that has happened. A lot of duplicated pages. Could i copy parts from Dokan php file into the hivepress files using phpmyadmin without having any changes made to the website, when I update the theme ?


    Unfortunately there’s no simple way to merge them, these are totally different plugins with different APIs and purpose, and PHPMyAdmin is a tool for managing the database (not files). Please consider hiring someone for customizing HivePress (or Dokan, depending on what you choose for your site) on Fiverr or UpWork if you’re not familiar with PHP.


    Thanks a lot man. You are the best !!

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