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  • lucasbarbosa

    Hello! Please, I want more information about this extension!

    Doubt: Does it direct the user to the seller’s social network page or just share the link (similar to the AddToAny Share Buttons plugin)?

    If it is the first alternative, does the seller register the social networks in the form of create listing or in the profile settings page of the seller?

    Is it possible to do the following actions?

    1. WhatsApp and Telegram: When clicking on the social links button, is it possible to open the chat with a personalized message containing the link in the listing?

    2. Facebook and Instagram: When accessed by mobile devices, is it possible to click on the button, prioritize opening the page in the app?

    3. I know that the extension deals with social networks, but I liked the option and way of displaying buttons on this extension, mainly because of its position next to the message button via HivePress chat, you can also insert a button to make a phone call and button for website link? In this way, this extension would serve prominently as “options to contact the seller”.

    3.1 When entering the data in the form, is it possible when entering the phone number, the seller to select whether this number is whatsapp, telegram and replicate that information on the listing page on the front end by the Social Links button?

    ihor developer

    It adds links to social media profiles, not sharing buttons. Please check how it looks in the overview video

    1. Not possible yet, but planned for the next update.

    2. As far as I know Facebook or Instagram will suggest this automatically.

    3. Yes, I plan to add direct message links in addition to the social network URLs, but it’s not possible to add a phone number based link yet.


    1. At what time and how is the social media link registered: Form for adding a listing or seller attributes page?
    2. Is it possible to insert the whatsapp button and when clicking on this link send at least one personalized message?

    ihor developer

    1. Links are added like listing attributes, both to the front-end and back-end forms.

    2. Possible, but this requires customizations in the current version, I plan to add this feature later. At the moment only URL fields are supported.

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