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    Hello, how are you? I have some questions and thank you in advance for the answers.

    1) ARROWS IN THE GALLERY // On the cell phone the gallery works very well! However, on larger devices such as a PC, the absence of “arrows” to switch photos can confuse the visitor. For example: If the visitor is using the mouse and there are photos in the Vertical, the thumbnails may be off the screen, therefore, he will need to scroll the screen whenever changing photos.
    2) LAYOUT GALLERY // This question is just a curiosity for now. Are there other layout options for the gallery? Example: Grid, Masonry, etc. I ask this why the user may want to enlarge the photos at some point.
    3) ATTACHED IMAGES SUGGESTION // When editing the List in wp-admin show all attached images to make editing the gallery more intuitive.
    4) ATTRIBUTES SUGGESTION // Option to add the attribute of uploading files (mp4, pdf, xml, etc.).
    5) MAP SUGGESTION // As we know, Google is now charging to display maps after heavy consumption. So I also leave the suggestion for integration with OpenStreetMap (I believe that this should already be one of your guidelines).
    6) VIDEOS // In WordPress I had asked about videos and I managed to solve this with your help, I added an “embed” attribute and it was perfect, the user just had to add the URL. Thanks!



    1. Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll consider adding arrows to the main image.

    2. This depends on the theme, HivePress itself doesn’t enforce any design (it has only basic styles for layouts), so it’s possible to change this gallery via customizations or by using another theme (I plan to release a few niche-specific themes).

    3, 4, 5. These features are on the roadmap, although I haven’t checked OpenStreetMap yet, it seems that there’s no autocomplete API.


    Thanks for the answers!

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