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Download Image Files From Listings

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    I’m working on a family photo directory using HivePress / ListingHive and have been SUPER impressed with the possibilities so far. Most of my needs have already been answered by other support thread. This I couldn’t find an answer to though…

    Is there a way to add a “download image” button to each image in a listing that opens the source image file in a new tab?

    Right now I can right click, copy Image URL, paste it into a new tab and make sure the file name isn’t cropped, but that’s not user friendly enough for my mom (a woman in her 60s.)

    Open to other ideas as well. Thanks!


    Thanks! Sure, it’s possible to add such button, but it requires code customizations, if you’re familiar with PHP please try overriding hivepress/templates/listing/view/page/listing-images.php file.

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