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Downloadable products and personal chat

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  • Yliya 14

    Hello. I have a question about the marketplace. Will the seller and the buyer have the opportunity to discuss the goods in a personal chat? And will sellers be able to add downloadable products? For example articles or ready-made sites.


    Sure, you can restrict messages to buyers only (so buyers and sellers will be able to message each other after the purchase), and sell digital downloads (if you enable this in Marketplace settings then sellers will have to attach a file to each listing).

    Yliya 14

    Yes. Thanks. I have already watched the video and read the forum on your website and understood a little what’s what. I will definitely buy. You have great plugins. It’s a pity I didn’t know about them before)


    Thanks! You can also check the TaskHive theme (it includes the Marketplace extension)

    Yliya 14

    And I just wanted to ask about it. Whether it includes or not. And I’m also interested in the question, there you can stretch the page layout, otherwise in the free template they are too narrow)Sorry for the English I’m from Russia.


    It’s possible to make the layout a bit wider with a simple CSS snippet, but stretching it to 100% of the screen width is not possible, this would cause multiple issues.

    Yliya 14


    Yliya 14

    With your permission, I will add that the SiteOrigin CSS plugin does an excellent job with layouts of any themes. This is if someone does not know the code or does not want to go into it.

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