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Drop-down menu stopped working

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    I’m having some problems with my drop-down menu on any device, except desktops.
    I have tried on Android and iOS, tablet and mobile phones – I have the same problem everywhere. It seems like it wants to open the menu when I tap on it, but then immediately closes it.

    I have uninstalled all the plugins that I activated lately but the problem persists.

    I would be very grateful if someone can give me some hints. I don’t really know where else to look for the error.

    website: http://anunturi.conduc.uk

    Thank you!

    ihor developer

    Please try disabling third-party plugins and customizations for a moment, this may be a third-party issue because the drop-down works on the demo site https://demo.hivepress.io/


    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    I did all this and the only problem I’ve got now is that the drop down menu doesn’t work only on homepage.

    If I go to any other page, it works normally.. I know is supposed to work just fine, but I have no ideea why is this happening.

    I was wondering maybe you can point me to some other directions, things to check..

    ihor developer

    Seems like a conflict with some third-party script or plugin, please try fixing it with this CSS code:

    .header-navbar__burger ul li.active > ul {margin-top: .5rem!important;display:block!important;height:auto!important}


    You, my friend, are a legend!

    Thank you!

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