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    Hi Ihor, thank you for creating such a fantastic theme/plugin!!

    Quick question- I have the background set as black, is there a way to get every listing page to have white text automatically?

    The reviews’ color underneath the content can stay the same, just need the initial gig explainer text/titles/favoriting/extras to be white against the black background.


    ihor developer

    Thanks, glad you like it!
    This would require some CSS customizations because there are many icons and elements that require switching the color to light, if you’re familiar with CSS please try starting with this snippet:

    .hp-listing--view-page .hp-listing__description {color:#fff}


    Thanks! So far so good, though how do I find the names of each of the content pieces?
    Like title, attributes, etc.


    Got almost all of it- just need help with the CSS for:
    1. The listing page attributes for “delivery time, license type, max revisions, and service includes” and,
    2. The footer widget titles for links that are static (NOT being clicked on or hovered over) to be white.

    Thank you!!

    ihor developer

    1. Please try editing custom attributes in Listings/Attributes section, you can also add new attributes there. If you mean editing built-in attributes (like Title) customizing these may require some code tweaks, also you can easily change built-in field labels with Loco Translate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeaYWYUHvHI&ab_channel=HivePress
    2. You can try targeting these via this CSS:

    .footer-widgets a {...}

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