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    Hi! Great plugin! I want just to edit my menu in the navbar and also the +add listing button.

    Where they are located? Can you show me the filename located? I can edit on my own. Thank you!



    Thanks! If you mean the main menu please edit it in Appearance/Menus section. If you want to change the button caption or styles you can use this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/say-what/ and CSS snippets for changing it’s styles. If other advanced changes are required you can override the button file by creating a /hivepress/listing/submit/listing-submit-link.php file in the child theme folder. You can check how the same file works in ListingHive, it overrides the default button (and adds a “plus” icon) https://github.com/hivepress/listinghive/blob/master/hivepress/listing/submit/listing-submit-link.php


    I had the same question, so installed the say what plugin. I added the original string as Add Listing, and then added what I want to replace it with in the replacement string field. I also found the text domain to be listinghive. However, I can’t come up with the text context. And finally, do the strings need to be enclosed with “”? Thanks!


    This button caption was moved from ListingHive theme to HivePress, please try using “hivepress” textdomain instead (quotes and context are not required). If you plan to change a lot of texts I suggest using Loco Translate plugin, even if you don’t need translation it does the same thing, and has better tools for managing replacements.

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