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Editing requests pages

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  • ThomasB


    Great update to the extension!

    Hope you can help me with a few questions:
    1. On the page where users post request, how do I edit the “add details” text? Seems not to be included in Loco Translate
    2. How do I remove the search bar? The search bar is the same as the regular search bar, which unfortunately doesnt make sense in my case, since searching for vendors and searching for posts arent based on the same criteria (for example, I translated the text within the search bar to fit searching for vendors, but that doesnt make sense when vendors search for clients)
    3. When the Requests page is added to the top header, it changes the layout of “my profile” and “post a request” on the top right side of the screen. This also appears on your demo site, how do we fix this? πŸ™‚
    4. Can we integrate with google maps?

    1. When I click on the filtering option, it doesnt hold the options for me to choose. You can reproduce this issue by going to, click on “find trΓ¦ner” in top header, click on “sorter” about mid page right side.



    A few more questions.. πŸ™‚
    1. How do vendors send a private offer? I have enabled this option on the back-end, but there seems to be no options for the vendors to do so
    2. How do clients edit their post?
    3. How do I translate “added on x date” to another language? Seems not to be included in Loco Translate

    Thanks πŸ™‚


    Aaaaaand another one:
    Is it possible to add a text box to the “post a request” page? Simply to explain users what it’s all about πŸ™‚

    ihor developer


    1. Please check it in Loco Translate/Plugins/HivePress section (it contains 90% of all strings).

    2. This CSS snippet may do it:

    .hp-template–reviews-view-page .hp-form–primary {display:none}

    3. If possible send a screenshot or more details about this issue.

    4. Not possible for requests yet, but it’s on the roadmap.

    5. Seems to work, I selected category in the main search bar and it stayed there after sorting.

    6. There’s no such feature yet, maybe you mean private requests? User can send a private request to any vendor without making it public.

    7. Not possible yet (there’s a temporary workaround – deleting request and re-adding it).

    8. It also in Loco Translate/Plugins/HivePress section.

    9. Yes, but it requires a code snippet at the moment, you can try using this one but with “request_submit_details_page” instead of “listing_submit_details_page”


    Thanks, much appreciated.

    3. “Log in” and “Post a request” are pushed together.

    5. Apparently, I only have the problem in Chrome, not Safari. I will check a few other browsers and computers.


    Okay apparently I can’t figure out how to attach an image lol. But just go to your own ListingHive demo site. In the top header you can see that “sign in” and “post a request” are pushed together. How do I make this look natural ie to be on one line?

    ihor developer

    If you mean that they are broken into multiple lines please try using a CSS snippet from this topic


    This worked, thanks πŸ™‚

    2. Can’t make the searchbar css code snippet work, unfortunately. Do you by any chance have other options?

    Also, is it possible to make the “Post a request” page a sub page to a parent in the top header? Instead of having it as its own next to sign in.

    ihor developer

    2. This one should work:

    .hp-template--requests-view-page .hp-form--primary {display:none}

    3. It’s possible, but requires customizations. I can provide a CSS snippet for hiding it if this works for you (then you can add it to some drop-down menu or another page).


    2. It worked, thanks!
    3. Would definitely be nice with the snippet. So, after hiding it, it requires additional customization to add it to a drop-down menu or another page?

    Does the request page work in the same way as the Services page and the Blog page – as in, not possible to add any text or blocks to the page without code?

    ihor developer

    Please try using this CSS snippet:


    Then you can add a link to this Post a Request URL to the main menu (maybe in some drop-down menu) – this doesn’t require any code changes.

    The Requests page works exactly like the Services page, but since this page template is generated by HivePress it requires a code snippet for inserting custom content at the moment (this will change as soon as the Gutenberg integration is implemented).


    Thanks again Ihor, this works beautifully and was exactly what I was looking for!

    Looking forward to have the Gutenberg integration implemented so it will be easier to add custom content to the service page and request page πŸ™‚

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