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Editing WP-user email reverts Vendor name to username + removal of thumb

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  • jdareynolds

    Dear HivePress,

    My client experiences some troubles managing users and vendors with HivePress:

    1. Every vendor might need an update of their user email address. I don’t refer to the email address in the vendor custom field but the email of the corresponding WordPress user. When changing this, the expected result is that the vendor details stay unchanged. Instead ths causes a chain of unwanted results:

    * Vendor name reverts back to the username of the corresponding wordpress user.
    * Vendor thumb (featured image) gets unlinked, not permanently removed.

    2. As long as the HivePress plugin is activated, it seems impossible to change the “Display as” field of any WordPress user. When selecting one of the options (ie display as ’emailaddress’ or ‘first + last name’ or ‘username’ etc) and saving, the refreshed user page shows the previous value for the Display as field. Only after disabling the HivePress plugin will this field retain the new value after Saving Updating the wordpress user.

    3. When using plugins (like Gravity Forms + User Registration addon) to edit Vendor custom fields, the options list does load the correct context of options. But after selecting and saving a new option, like Vendor category, the the expected behaviour of that newly set value being retained does not occur. Instead the previous value remains. The only way to edit Vendor custom fiels is via HivePress Vendors menu tab. Furthermore the standard text fields like Vendor title and discription do allow editing via external plugin like Gravity Forms.

    Please provide a solution for above issues as they seem to be bugs. In the mean time we need to do a lot of manual corrections with the risk of losing customers and making mistakes. Looking forward to your response soon.

    With kind regards,

    Dennis Abraham-Reynolds

    ihor developer

    I’m sorry for the late reply.
    1. Please make sure that vendor profiles in WordPress/Vendors section are not edited directly, because basic vendor details (name, description, image) are synced with the linked vendor user. For example, if you edit the vendor name directly in WordPress/Vendors, and then re-save the linked user, vendor name will be reset back to the user name (username or another format you set in HivePress/Settings/Users/Display section).
    2. Yes, it follows the settings in HivePress/Settings/Users/Display for some common naming rules for users & vendors. Please select the username, first, last or full name there, then new and updated users will get the display name that follow these settings.
    3. Sorry, we haven’t tested vendors with Gravity Forms, if it maps its fields to the vendor meta fields and taxonomies the values should be saved. Please consider using HivePress forms instead, for example you can add custom vendor fields in Vendors attributes, if you mark any attribute as required then vedors will have to set it before registering or adding the first listing (there will be the Complete Profile step).
    Hope this helps.



    Thank you for your reply,

    1. It was not clear to us that edits from WP / Vendors section will be reset when linked WP user is edited. For our platform this might be a problem because we provide admin management of vendors. Most vendors are applied on the platform by our admin first using a temporary email address, all of the registration and vendor creation is handled using Gravity Forms. After the vendor has accepted our suggested submissions to their profile, we update the WP user with their actual email address so they can take profile management from their onwards. So now I understand your explanation, this presents the following chalanges:

    *1 How would you advice us to manage hundreds of profiles centrally (meaning: from 1 wp admin account) without editting them from WP / Vendors section? Better yet, how can we allow the system to DO retain edits made from WP / Vendors section?

    *2 The options in the Vendors frontend settings sections for Display Name are rather limited. Because all of our users need to be able to add their ‘Business Name’. The closest option to achieve this might be username, but WP will not allow changing username in the future if the business name might change. So, can we provide a field called ‘Profile Name’ which overrules the default settings from HivePress/Settings/Users/Display? Furthermore, how can we provide a method for the vendor to edit their own wp-user email address, since we restricted access to WP backend via HivePress settings? Now the Vendors frontend settings section only edits the display email address, not linked WP user email address.

    *3 You suggested using HivePress forms, it is not clear to me how we can use this. Do I understand correctly that you suggest to use this INSTEAD of our Gravity Forms setup to handle the complete registration and editting of WP user fields centrally for hundreds of profiles? And if so, can we customize the form to make basic vendor details like first and last name required (instead of ‘optional’) + to include the meta fields if a user has not yet created a listing?

    Thanks in advance for the reply.


    Dennis Abraham-Reynolds

    ihor developer

    1. Please try adding a user for the vendor first in WordPress/Users (settings the basic details like first & last name) and then a vendor profile for this user, so syncing will not reset the details, this is the only workaround at the moment. In the current version, vendors are expected to be registered via the front end, where all the details are set and synced automatically.
    2. I recommend adding a Business Name vendor attribute (or Company, any Text attribute) and selecting it instead of User Name in HivePress/Settings/Vendors/Display section, then vendor names will be synced with the attribute value (not with user details).
    3. Yes, we don’t advertise integration or compatibility with Gravity Forms anywhere and HivePress has built-in forms for adding listings & registering vendors. For example, if you enable direct vendor registration in settings, you can register new vendors via the “/register-vendor” URL (as a non-registered user).
    Hope this helps.


    Thank you or your assistance. We will use your feedback to come up with the best sollution. By the way, the Code Snippets that recently came out on Github will be VERY helpful. THANK YOU GUYS

    ihor developer

    Thanks! We”ll add more resources to make the HivePress customization & development easier.

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