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    Hi again =)

    May you please make the email attribute clickable such that when people click on it on the front-end it opens in their emails.

    – Thank you



    Please set this display format, then email addresses will be clickable:

    <a href="mailto:%value%">%value%</a>


    Thank you, done =)

    Last thing regarding emails. Please forgive me for not using the correct terminology, I’m learning as I go.

    On the homepage and ‘all listings’ page, I’ve set the email to be visible on the posts (before you click on the post) i.e. block (secondary)

    but the email runs over the block, how do I make it fit in the block?


    If possible send a link to this page, maybe there’s a simple CSS snippet for fixing this.


    The page isn’t published =( So I can’t send a link


    You can try using this CSS snippet, it should break long email addressed into multiple lines:

    .hp-listing__attributes--secondary hp-listing__attribute span {word-break:break-word;}


    I added this to the ‘additional css’ section and it did not work. There’s a pop-up that says ‘expected: normal | keep-all | break-all”


    Please ignore this warning, you can still click “Publish” and this snippet will be saved. It should break long texts without spaces (like emails) into multiple lines.


    Tried it, published and refreshed the page, unfortunately still doesn’t work


    Sorry, there was a missing dot:

    .hp-listing__attributes--secondary .hp-listing__attribute span {word-break:break-word;}


    Thank you, this worked for listings on the homepage but when I go to ” All listings” it doesn’t work


    Please make sure that your site is not cached, if this CSS snippet is added to all site pages (via Additional CSS field) then it should work everywhere.

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