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Email messages instead of on-site messages

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  • SAICE directory

    Have you created adding option for email messages instead of on-site messages yet?

    ihor developer

    Yes, please un-check the “Store messages in the database” option in HivePress/Settings/Messages and there will be emails with “Reply to…” address instead of on-site messages.

    SAICE directory

    I have un-check the “Store messages in the database” option in HivePress/Settings/Messages.
    Where do I type in listing email address to receive email message from user?

    SAICE directory

    I am wanting a user of the listing to be able to email a listed service directly and also CC the admin of the listing. Is this possible?

    ihor developer

    There’s no CC option at the moment, but if you want users to communicate via email the only thing you have to do is uncheck this option, then messages will be sent as emails.

    SAICE directory

    Where do I type in the listing email address? so listing can receive email directly from user

    ihor developer

    Emails are sent to the listing author email address, it can be changed in the account settings.

    SAICE directory

    Where do I find account settings to change the listing author?
    A different author is creating this listing and who will be managing the listing, not the author of the website.

    ihor developer

    If you add listing via back-end you can set vendor on the listing edit screen If someone adds listings via front-end then the current user is set as a vendor. Messages are sent to the vendor email address.


    Hi Ihor

    Sorry to hijack ths thread but we want to do a similar thing with emails rather than messages but want all emails to go to the site admin rather than the vendor who added the listing. Is it possible to set this somewhere. All listings are going to be anually published so we could change the email of each vendor when the listing is published but we dont want that to affect the user loging or email address themselves.


    ihor developer

    If you mean setting the same recipient email address for all messages please try using this PHP snippet:

    	function( $args ) {
    		$args['recipient'] = get_option( 'admin_email' );
    		return $args;

    It should send all messages to the site administrator email address set in Settings/General section.

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