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Email to Admin When Listing is Awaiting Moderation

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  • jebrodrick

    Hi Ihor,

    Love your theme. Have been playing around with it for the past three months and am almost ready to publish my site with it.

    I had a question about the listing moderation feature. Is there an email that goes out to the site admin if a listing is awaiting moderation? If not, I’ll kindly ask to add this to a future release.

    All the best.


    Yes, this feature is on board. You can receive e-mails after every action like registration, listings added/updated etc.


    Gotcha, I saw the emails subscribers and contributers get for adding a listing. But, I am talking about an email to a mod or admin to alert them to review listings if I have the site set up for manual approval.


    Can’t get it. After every submit button click (adding and updating) e-mail is going to admin and this is alert/info that this listing need moderation/publication. (auto delete after 12h)

    This is my admin account and test (with manual acceptation) – first one is info about registration, second one is listing added and wating for moderation. If you want accept any user-moderation of listing, you need to go to attributes and there set manual-approved any change in this atributes like price etc. This is automtic. What more you need?

    ihor developer

    Thanks! If you have a moment please rate it on repository

    Whether the moderation is enabled or not, HivePress will send a “Listing Submitted” email to the site email address (set in Settings/General). This is an admin email so it’s not editable via the settings, but you can change its text via Loco Translate if it’s required.

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