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Email Verification option: email not sending

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  • Gsantos602

    Amazing Plugin and Theme!

    I installed the latest update 1.3.9 about an hour ago and have not received Email Verification email. Tested on 3 accounts, turned on and off the setting to no avail.

    I still seem to receive the User Registered email. Any ideas?



    Please make sure that the verification email text is set in HivePress/Settings/Users/Emails section, also please check the spam folder.


    I was able to find them in my spam, didn’t think about checking there since the other emails didn’t hit spam. Also, I noticed the sender is wordpress@domain. Is there a way to change that email?

    Would the best fix be using a SMTP plugin to avoid going to spam?


    Yes, if you set SMTP details or link your site with some popular email service (like GMail), then outgoing emails will not be filtered as spam. Most SMTP plugins also have an option for changing the “from” email address.

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