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    Good evening, I am so interested in this project. Please what is the future of this directory in the nearest future:
    – Social buttons
    – Admin ability to enable and disable features for vendors
    – Compatibility with page builders like elenentor
    – Compatibility with other wordpress themes.

    Thank you.


    Thanks, glad you like it!

    1. Planned as a separate extension.

    2. Please let me know what features you mean, vendor attributes?

    3, 4. It should be already compatible with any page builder and theme (although there will be pretty basic styles by default), HivePress has a shortcode for every block so you can insert blocks into the Elementor layout.


    Happy to hear that the social buttons extension is on the way. Also happy to know the plugin is compatible with other page builders and themes.

    What I mean by vendors attribute is that for instance I want to create packages. I’ll want them to be different in a way. Like I might want to disable mobile number, website url for free listing, while I activate it for premium listing. It’s exactly this feature I’m talking about by vendors attribute.


    Ihor, it would be nice if you disclose) your roadmap, meaning the list of paid and free extensions. It would help some of us make a decision in favour of your plugin compared to others.



    I don’t have a long-term roadmap yet, but currently I’m working on the booking and marketplace extensions (both paid), so it will be possible to turn any site into a platform like AirBnB, or Booksy, or anything similar. The core plugin will be improved with each version, please feel free to post your suggestions.


    Good plan! Not just another classified plugin. Wish you success!

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