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Escrow Feature

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  • Cyberbee

    Hi all, just a query – does the marketplace extension provide escrowing feature to hold payments till the products/services are delivered or does it automatically transfer the money once a purchase is made? Would love to read up more on this if someone can guide me to the right place. Thanks!

    ihor developer

    Yes, actually it has escrowing only – all payments are sent to the site owner first, while the seller’s balance is increased. Then the seller can request a payout (depends on your site terms, e.g. some minimum amount or payout schedule).


    Thanks a lot for the clarity ihor. Appreciate it.
    Could you please let me know if the single site license means that the extension/theme can be used on one site at a time or does it mean that it is glued to the domain name and if for some reason the domain name is needed to be changed the extensions/theme cannot be used anymore?


    Just another thing I noticed is that for the taskhive demo site and a few sites running on listing hive the menu buttons near the top right for ‘signing in’ and posting and listing buttons seem to be broken down to a line below the first (in two separate lines) which looks a bit odd. Is there a way to make them display in a single line? Maybe by changing the font size etc.?


    Here is the link in case the one above does not appear properly.

    Split in 2 lines

    ihor developer

    It’s not glued to the domain name, but it’s important not to use a single license for multiple websites, the licensing system may block the key if there are many requests from different domains.

    Thanks for reporting the layout issue, please let me know what’s the screen size, is it a tablet? Seems to be ok on laptop (1920px wide).


    Thanks ihor. Yes I understand that a different license should be used for every installation. My concern was just that if a domain name change is required and the extension or theme is unusable then it would be a waste of license (and money) for the user. If the license is not linked with the domain name then it should not be a problem.

    I noticed the layout issue on a 14″ inch laptop with resolution set to 1920 x 1080. It could be the same in tablets I believe.
    On a side note, is there a way to change the font size?


    ihor developer

    There’s no domain linking so you can change it anytime as long as the license is used for a single site/domain at the same time.

    You can try using this CSS snippet to change the main font size, but it may require further styling:

    body {font-size:17px}


    Thanks so much ihor. The snippet is working fine!

    Just a query about commissions – What do I need to do if I would like to set tiered commission levels. For example:
    No commissions for listings below $5;
    x% for listings with a price range $5 to $100;
    flat $10 commissions for listings beyond $100 ?
    I need flexibility with commission structures for my projects.


    Also, two more queries just came up:
    1. In case a customer of the marketplace wants a refund is there a way to refund the amount in a wallet/store credit?

    2. Is there an option for a seller to enable hibernation/vacation mode when the services would be paused till they disable it?

    ihor developer

    Sorry, there’s no riered commissions feature at the moment, it would require custom implementation. In the current version the commission rate can be set globally or there can be a custom rate for each vendor.

    1. Sure, you can try using some WooCommerce wallet extensions for this purpose.

    2. It’s possible only if the seller hides each listing (there’s an option for this above the listing edit form).


    Thanks ihor. I understand.
    Would you consider flexible commissions for a future update please?

    ihor developer

    Thanks, will consider adding it to the next update.


    That is fantastic! I’d buy the marketplace extension as I trust what you say.


    Hi ihor,
    Any update on the release of the feature that would let admins set commission % based on the price of the listing?


    Congratulations on the launch of the bookings plugin!

    ihor developer

    Thanks! There’s no price-based commission yet, but there are a few useful features available in yesterday’s Marketplace update.


    Thanks ihor, I will check them out.

    I have purchased Experthive after convincing the end user that the variable commission feature is in the making. However, I later noticed that it is not in the Trello roadmap.
    Kindly help me understand this as I thought you mentioned above a few months back that it is possible and would be released in a future update.

    I understand that I am being a bother with this, and I am sorry for being so persistent, but this is all because it is an important part of the business model for which I am counting on Hivepress and purchasing the extensions and themes.

    I would love to be of any help with the logic, and I’ve also mentioned it in a post above.
    This has been a feature for some time in the product marketplaces like the WCFM theme and I believe this could differentiate and really increase the value of hivepress themes as no other service marketplace theme has that at the moment.

    As a workaround for now, could you please suggest what can be done if I would like to limit my commissions to a certain % for listings that are above a certain price?
    Is there a way to modify the balance of the vendors from the backend so that the vendors see the dashboard consistent with what they are being paid offline (considering I am paying them more by limiting my commissions to $X for listings above $Y) ?

    Again, my apologies for the follow-ups about this feature.

    Thanks & Kind Regards

    ihor developer

    The Trello roadmap lists the core features only, there are no features for the premium extensions listed there. Please describe this feature in detail and we may implement it in the next Marketplace update. You can also send an example (e.g. a link to the WCFM docs).

    I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but any software product is purchased with the features advertised and available at the moment of the purchase – we can’t 100% guarantee adding features on request (only hired developers can do this), but we always listen to the community, for example there will be an update for Requests this week, with useful features like offer attachments, image gallery for requests, etc.

    Also, we will start offering customization services next week and you can can consider hiring one of our developers to tailor the Marketplace features (or implement custom ones).


    Thanks ihor. I understand what you said about purchasing products and that it cannot be guaranteed to be added. I only wanted to request this for consideration in the marketplace extension as I feel it has the potential to add much value.
    Here is a link to the wcfm commission docs. Kindly check if a similar logic would be possible to be included in marketplace.

    And for now, please let me know – is there a way to limit my commissions to a fixed amount for listings that are above a certain price (Eg: flat $10 commissions for listings above $100)? Or is there a way to modify the balance of the vendors from the backend?

    Thank you for listening and considering customer requests. Much Appreciated!

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