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Event listings with Date/Time

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  • ALiuzer

    Add Date and Time field for listings that are “events”.
    User can search for listings available by date range.
    Listings auto expire after event time begins.

    ihor developer

    Thanks, will consider implementing this feature. The date field is already available and you can use it for search (via the date range), but there’s no time option yet.


    Hi ihor,
    Yes, please consider building this out. We just also stumbled on this looking for the option to implement for our event category.

    Also if it can be linked to an expiry rule (Mylisting has a special tab to place rules) then when the end date and time has been reached the listing automatically goes to expired.

    2. Or maybe a special events extension. But the first option is preferable.


    ihor developer

    Thanks, we’ll consider adding this feature. We want to avoid bloating the core plugin codebase and keep it as multipurpose as possible, so this will probably be implemented as an extension since this feature is specific to events. It’s already possible to set a Date/Time attribute for listings (specific to some category, e.g. Events) and enable a Date Range search for it, but there’s no auto-expiration feature yet.


    Any progress on auto-expiration based on event date? Or, is there a code snippet I could use to accomplish this?

    yevhen developer

    There is no such feature yet, but if you are familiar with code changes, please try adding a custom callback to the hivepress/v1/events/daily action hook, then you can query listings with a past date (custom attribute) and change their status to draft. You can check how the listing expiration works for example
    Hope this helps.


    Would be great if you create a extension for this (like an Event-extension or so).

    I would buy it instantly!

    ihor developer

    Thanks, we definitely plan to add more event-related features and a specific theme for event directories.

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