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  • lucasbarbosa

    I loved that extension! Here are some suggestions to make it even more incredible:

    1. Taking into account that the listings are usually renewed, I suggest to display the data of the statistics with date since the creation of the listing or else to add the period of exhibition for up to the last 12 months.
    2. Integrate with Search Console to display the keywords that generated the most traffic to the listing (this information would be very useful for managing the site);
    3. Back-end, on the page that displays all the listings, insert the statistics data (only the numbers) so that the site administrator can quickly and without having to leave the HivePress panel the performance of all listings, being able to sort in ascending and descending order.

    ihor developer

    Thanks! I’ll consider implementing these features.

    As for the 3, I plan to release the Dashboard extension that would collect all the analytics data from other extensions, e.g. the most favorited or visited listings.

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