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Expert Hive vs Task Hive

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  • goodkarma

    Hey Ihor – a quick question now that i’m taking a bit of a closer look at Expert Hive (love the styling on this – much cleaner and feels more visually appealing than some of the other Hivepress themes)

    1. Is the default peer to peer (or user to user) action here a “contact” rather than a purchase? (as a point of contrast with Task Hive – where a service/download is generally the most desirable action between the public – and the professional)

    2. Obviously considering the underlying framework and extensions are the same – I’m assuming that folks can offer downloads and sell services directly with Expert Hive as well – is the styling (visually) associated with what a listing would look like that had a price associated with (e.g. – Joe offers a photography listing for $100 – and jane can buy that directly using the marketplace extension) – are there any examples of this sort of listing on the demo?

    I’m appreciating this more for the styling difference relative to taskhive – and would use it in roughly the same way (services marketplace with digital downloads offered by vendors to the public – with a more integrated “requests” style community – but want to make sure the theme is styled to handle a Taskhive sort of purchase flow before i buy)

    Thanks! 🙂

    ihor developer


    1. Yes, there’s no Marketplace extension on the demo site, so there’s no Buy Now button, the theme design is more focused on vendors than services.

    2. Sure, there’s the same set of extensions included, the only difference is the design. So if you enable Marketplace+WooCommerce there will be the same functionality as with TaskHive.

    Both themes are fully compatible.

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