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    Hello! Every day I like HivePress more, so I want to make improvements to my website with the help of some extensions, but I have some doubts:

    1. Seach Alerts: From the back-end, will I have access to the information on the alert definition made by users? I believe this is very useful for the site administrator.

    2. Statistics: From the back-end, is it possible to view these statistics in the list panel?

    3. Tags: Can I transform all my attributes into tags and make them selectable in the search filters?

    4. Geolocation: Does this extension positively influence SEO?

    5. Messages and Favorites: I already use this extension, but I miss knowing if users are using these resources, is it possible for me as an administrator to have this information?

    6. Marketplace, Memberships, Paid Listings, Claim Listings (this is the extension I have the most doubts about): I’ve seen that the 4 extensions use Woocommerce, but I still don’t understand what the difference is between them and which would solve my problem:

    My site offers free listings, but I want to charge for listing highlighting (I noticed that paid listings do that) and I want to sell a boost plan for Google Ads and some social networks that have the ads service. In addition, I also want to sell website and logo creation services, I have already installed Woocommerce and the problem is that there are 2 panels for my account (HivePress and Woocommerce), would any of these extensions solve this problem by unifying the accounts? What and how would these extensions help me in this situation?



    1. There’s no such feature yet, but it’s on the roadmap.

    2. Sure, you can view stats on the back-end listing edit page.

    3. No, this is a unique field that allows users to add items, while attributes allow selecting existing options.

    4. Since it displays location for each listing and it’s indexed I guess it improves search precision for “country/city + keywords” queries.

    5. There’s no such option yet, but I plan to implement the analytics dashboard for admins.

    6. These extensions implement different ways of monetization, please check this article to choose which one is best for your directory type and niche https://blog.hivepress.io/how-to-monetize-a-directory-website-with-wordpress/

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